Day 4 - Four worlds

Position: N 43° 02' W 023° 27' UTC 1200

Nautical miles left: 876

Life is settling down, routines have formed. Every four hour one of us gets dressed and ready for the cockpit while the other one looks forward to take off the clothes and go to bed. The one awake, ready to leave the duties outside, is happy and teasing the other one about how cold and wet it is outside. The person just awoken surly reminds the first one that sweet is short, four hour passes quickly when you're asleep. Like this we go on, every four hour the roles changes. Anyway, during one of the watch changes tonight dad said that he is living in four world. My mind was still a bit slow since I'd just gotten out of the bunk so it took a while for me to understand what he meant. He means the world in the cockpit, a grey, wet and rather cold place, with waves rushing by and the look out duties, that's number 1. Number 2, the world in the book he is listening to on my iPod during the night watches, for the moment Stieg Larsson's. Number 3, the world in the warm and dry bunk on the lee side of the saloon were he dreams about I don't know what and number 4 the world in the book he reads during daytime. It's actually the same for me, I also live in four worlds, so far I've read two real books and listened to one on the iPod, that makes time go by quickly. Right now the outside world isn't that interesting most of the time. Only when the dolphins show up is it worth standing up and getting spray in my face. This morning some strange dolphins came by, at least I think they were dolphins but I'm not sure. First I spotted what looked like a small black whale in front of the yacht. I called out to dad who was in the bunk, he's been dreaming about whales for a while now. When he got up we could see a lot of them swimming behind Cantare. They seemed to be too small to be whales, and they moved more like dolphins, yet they were bigger than the dolphins I've seen before and had a different head shape. They were completely black on the top, greyish underneath and with big bulbous heads that looked a bit like the sperm whale's head. If any one has a clue please text us on the satellite phone, I can't find my book about Atlantic species.

The sailing is alright, but the wind has veered to the north and decreased, we struggle a bit to go directly towards Falmouth but at least we average above 4 knots towards goal. / The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    "The plan is to sail from Sweden to the Caribbean and back again. Right from the beginning we wanted to do this without men, because if we bring a man aboard everybody assumes he's the one in charge. We want to show ourselves that we can do this just aswell if not better! And of course we wan't an adventure! / Maria & Sofia"


  2. peter Says:

    Stackars torftigt liv människa som inte kan axeptera att planer förändras.Tycker att det verkar vara en kul segling med dotter som kapten och pappa som gast. Det finns velan ingen tvekan om att Maria har klarat Kaptenskapet utmärkt om man läser hela bloggen.

    Fanklubben ;-] i Gävle håller på er.