Goodbye Scotland - Hello North Sea

We have had a couple of great relaxing days on the Caledonian Canal and my opinion of Scotland still remains, I have a minor crash on the country and truly recommend a visit here! Cecilie, Lars and Glen can only agree with me, we have all come to like this country very much! Time flies when having fun though, we are about to say goodbye to Scotland, tomorrow we are off to the North Sea... Yeah, the North Sea it is, I don’t know whether you remember how the North Sea was like last time Maria and I was out there, it was rough, real rough. And I don’t want to experience it again, however, I am still insured by the insurance company, and yes, you all know the name, Europeiska! I hold the North Sea in great respect but I am not afraid, the weather forecast looks good, a high is about to intensify and light breezes are predicted. I just hope the wind wont be to light, I hate motoring a sail yacht and I would love to get some nice downwind with Safari and her gennaker. This is Safari’s “last” crossing before coming home to Fredrikstad Norway. On Friday afternoon, Midsummer Eve, we intend to arrive in Fredrikstad, which will be sort of my rehearsal before our own homecoming party the 10th of July, just like Maria’s rehearsal in Fowey. It is about 505 nautical Miles to Fredrikstad from here, Inverness, so leaving tomorrow gives us plenty of time to reach home, but one never knows what can happen on the North Sea and a good margin is necessary! Hopefully we will have time for a little stopover in Skagen, Denmark, about 85 Miles from the home of Safari.

As I use to say, a picture is worth a thousands word and since internet is finally starting to show off, I will gladly share some pictures from our Scottish adventure! You find the new pictures, Scotland - an European Pearl, here:

Ps. Regarding our Coming Home Party the 10th, we are planning on arriving in Höganäs sometime around 15.00 – 16.00 local time, but as you all know planning and sailing don’t equal, however, if you would like to see us approaching we recommend you to show up around 15.00!

Good Night/ First Mate Sofia

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