Arriving in Falmouth

Yesterday Cantare arrived in Falmouth. Starfire, Silverbear and my new crew were there to welcome us. After a very nice shower and a big meal ashore dad decided to stay at a hotel (I think he was tired of wet bunks) and took a plane to Sweden today.

I have uploaded pictures from the Azores and the last Atlantic crossing. You find them here:

Tomorrow it's time for Starfire's last leg to Fowey, Cantare and Silverbear will sail there together with them. Time to test my new crew. They have helped me buy food today, and there's a lot of it. If they sail like they shop we'll have a wonderful time, I'm actually quite sure that we will. Time to start the last adventure! / The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome to Falmouth, nice job you did there, Hopefully you dad have seen whath a wonderfull trip you have done, and with respect for your role as captain. I hope he enjoy the trip even if it was a bite hard. So Gut lock on the rest of the journy home.

    a freind