Day 6 - Free passengers

Position: N 44° 30' W 018° 54' UTC 1200

Nautical miles left: 665

After some pressure from a few blog readers I have been forced to write a post, and by the way I don't get any desert from the Captain until it's done. Normally I can't fill a postcard so this is a big challenge. I am dictating this to a ghost writer while I'm doing the dishes and doing the dishes is a very huge problem. You have to balance on one leg, use the other one to pump water at the same time the yacht is behaving like a rodeo bull. I have been thinking about using duct tape to stay put in the galley. Talking about the dishes, here onboard we have got two free passengers. One of them is producing more dishes for me, mostly during the night when I'm asleep. I suspect that it could be the same person as the ghost writer. The other free passenger is eating cookies and candy in an abnormal rate, this occurs both during daytime and night. But I can't figure out who it can be. Sometime during the coming night we will pass the point of no return, meaning that we are halfway to our destination, and if we want more candy it's a better decision to go forward than to turn around. Now I am exhausted of all this dictating and hope this is long enough to receive my promised desert. / Deckhand Anders

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Anders

    Great that you now is writning in the blog, so congratulations for that. Happy sailing forward to UK.

    a friend

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Doppa kakorna i karamellfärg !
    Kul för dig Anders att få visa tjejerna hur Cantare ska hanteras. :)

    Per Sjörén med familj