Odin, Safari and MaggyV have arrived in Dublin!!

The pubs had just closed when we arrived in Dublin yesterday evening around 2200 UTC, but no worries we held our own arrival party in the cockpit of Safari's. All three boats arrived together, Odin, Maggy V and Safari, it has been wonderful having company on the sea. As I use to say, pictures are worth more than a thousand words so I post some pics from our crossing now and as soon as we have washed the boat and settled here in Dublin more updates will follow. Tonight all boats will go out for an arrival dinner and hopefully we get to try the guinness! Cheers! /First Mate Sofia

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  1. Arthur Carvalho - SV Finisterre Says:

    Rolling down to Dublin town
    Coming from the North side
    Heading south bound
    The glare of the city
    You see it in the sky
    You see it in the faces
    As you pass them by ....

    Rolling down ...

    Don't forget to sing it with an Irish accent!!!