Sunrise in the North Sea

Position 57 33 N 005 49 W 09.20 UTC
Sunrise at sea is one of those things I'll miss the most after having returned home the 10th, this morning we experienced one of the best ever! The sunrise coincided very suitable with the watch change, since it has been very foggy and it is way more fun being two on watch we have occasionally had double handed watches and therefore everybody was up on deck. During the night the wind had died, leaving the sea to look like a mirror and the rising sun was beautifully shining on the calm sea. It was a great moment, we were all quiet, reflecting over life and realizing how good life is. In the sunrise I finally saw an oil field in the horizon, about 20nm away, but I could still clearly see the huge complex rise from the sea. Unfortunately I couldn't see any Ben Affleck though. I started thinking, is that the cash cow creating the strong Norwegian economy? Or shall I put it this way: do the oil fields make it possible for way more Norwegian than Swedish sailors to pull up the anchor and take off? No, I don't think the many oil fields is the correct answer, but they are good cash cows for sure and a point worth noticing is that this summer 50 Norwegian yachts take off for a translantic adventure and if I have remembered it right, 27 of them are joining the ARC, Atlantic rally for Cruisers!
The sun that rose this early morning is still shining and I hope it will continue all day long! The tan is nowadays scarily fading away and at nights (and some days) it is freezing cold! The last couple of days it has been around 9-12 degrees C, brrrrrrrr! We have now around 160nm to Skagen and if the coming weather forecast haven't changed the outlook for Friday we will visit Denmark tomorrow, not to arrive too early to Safari's coming home party on Friday in Fredrikstad.
Out! /First Mate Sofia onboard Safari in the North Sea.

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