We're off!

Last Sunday at 1 pm we left Höganäs harbour. First of all we would like to say thank you to all of you who came and wished us farewell. Thank you for all presents and best wishes!

The wind was weak in the beginning but picked up when we passed Hallands väderö. We were able to test our new spinnaker pole arrangement and sailed wing on wing most of the evening and night. The sun did an appearance late afternoon and it felt wonderful to finally be on our way. We were all rather tired and took some naps during the afternoon and evening. Sofia and our deckhand Eva, who joined us this first leg, took the first night watch between 11 pm and 3 am. Then my sister Catrine and I took the morning watch between 3 am and 7 am. The wind increased during the night to about 12 m/s southerly, and we took two reefs in the main and furled the head sail a bit. The speed record so far is 8,98 knots and it's held by me, the captain. Sofia wants to beet me, let's see if she can. It was a cold night, it rained a bit and although we were geared with three layers of clothes we were freezing. How we longed for warmer nights. But when dawn arrived we could see the first islands south of Gothenburg, thanks to the good winds we were closing in fast. At 9.30 am we arrived at Asperö our first stop. Nicely tied up we fell asleep and slept until 5 pm. The evening involved wine, chocolate and good friends before tucked in and spent a whole night in our bunks. Today we arose around 7.30 am and steered Cantare to our next harbour, not so far away, Lilla Bommen in central Gothenburg. Here we will stay until Thursday morning when we leave for Denmark. If you are in town come by and visit us in the evenings when we are most likely to be aboard. New pictures from our first leg can be found under Pictures. /The Captain (who you can read about in today's GP)

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  1. Greta-Garbo Says:

    Såg om er i Helsingborgs Dagblad. Jag har en datafirma som sysslar med hemsidor och blev imponerad av ert utnyttjande av nätets resurser.
    Lycka till. Jag kommer att läsa er blogg ofta!!

  2. First Mate Sofia Says:

    Tack så mycket Raymond! Vi ska försöka uppdatera så ofta som möjligt, bl a mha satellittelefon!

  3. pelle Says:

    Lycka till! Blir alltid glad av människor som försöker förverkliga sina drömmar, stora som små. Kommer att följa Er resa på bloggen. Blir ostligt i morgon, säger vädergudarna.