A lot is happening

We rigged Cantare last Friday, it took a while longer than normal. Mostly because we couldn't find a necessary piece that holds the mast in place and had to make a new one, only to find the old one a day later. Saturday we received our new sails and discovered that to hoist the new mainsail we had to make a bigger hole in the mast. When that was done we set out to try the new sails and the boat. It didn't take long until water started to trickle in. A bit worried we started leak searching, until I remembered that we hadn't attached the LPG box yet. The box has a drain that goes through the hull above the waterline, but when Cantare started to list it was well under water. We started the engine and returned to harbour. On Monday our sail maker, Lasse Lind, sailed with us making sure that we know how to handle the new sails. It was great feeling the power of the wind again. The rest of the days leading up to today have been filled with preparations. Cleaning, sewing, shopping and storing. My dad has fitted the life raft and is working on more handrails both above and under deck. Today we are going to pack our personal stuff, exchange money and fix a few other things.

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