Sailing Cantare in Denmark

Today it is Sunday the 19th and even though it feels like if we left Höganäs Harbor yesterday it has already been a week since our adventure started. Yesterday we woke up at 6.30 am by a knocking on the boat and then someone boarded. It was the harbormaster who wanted the mooring fee, I mean, a Saturday morning at 6.30?! I was too tired to remember to try to knock down the fee, but from now on I will always have a business card in my pocket and try to get a blue water cruiser (the expression for a sailor on a long trip) discount. However, we managed to go back to sleep again and then woke up finding the rain pouring down outside. Due to the rain the planned morning run and power walk ended up in a long Saturday breakfast. We then left Hals around noon and got a chance to try our new Gill clothes since it kept on raining the whole way to Aalborg. We arrived in Aalborg, the fourth largest city in Denmark situated by the Limfjord, at 4.30 pm yesterday.

Aalborg feels like a university town, Aalborg University is located here and while walking down the streets one passes by a lot of pubs, cafeterias etcetera with student discount. The harbor is situated little west of the city so one has to take a little walk to get into the city, however when living on a 31 feet sailing boat it is very nice to move a little. After having organized all wet clothes Marias parents arrived with some forgotten supplies and with a helping hand. Meanwhile Maria and her father started installing an emergency rudder, (something that is required by the Atlantic Rally Competition, if our rudder will stop working we need to have an emergency one), I decided to go for a run. You will be able to see the wonderful 80’s inspired running outfit on the pictures later on. Running or walking are great ways of discovering a new place, I just hope I can continue on doing it. I have also started doing a fitness program with exercises suitable for doing on board.

Today Maria’s sister left us, she went home with Maria’s parents. Now it feels like the adventure has started for real, we have received things needed that we forgot last hectic week and left Sweden. Tomorrow we will move on along the Limfjord, we don’t know how far we will reach; it is all depending on the winds. Our plan is to go to Nyköbing Mors or further and then cross the North Sea as soon as possible and reach the Frisian Islands outside the coast of Germany and Holland. /First Mate

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  1. asparagus Says:

    Limfjorden, nu är ni verkligen på väg... Hoppas vindarna tar er till öarna snabbt så att ni kan lägga Skandinavien och Nordsjön bakom er också!