Messed up or perfected?

Last summer Sofia and I sailed to Poland. When laying at anchor we rowed the dinghy to shore and it soon became obvious that if we were to sail to the Caribbean where anchoring is the norm, we need an outboard. I wanted an engine as small as possible, the Honda 2,3 weighs only 13 kg and is air cooled. The new engine arrived and it looked so nice. But since we don't want it to be stolen right away something had to be done about the look. I have spray painted it pink, to my father and his friends dismay. My friends on the other hand think it's cute.

We decided to give the dinghy a second chance, it works better for our budget as well. I repaired it and it has now been inflated for 3 days! Before the repair it deflated in a few hours. But it still leaks, much smaller bubbles this time though. I have also painted the stern pink to make it less attractive to thieves. Lovely, isn't it?

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  1. First Mate Says:

    Pink certainly is lovely! :-)