Waiting for the right winds

The weather seems to be against us, we will probably try to leave Denmark on Monday but we are not sure that we will make it to Holland. Maybe we have to make a stop at Helgoland and wait there until the strong winds that are predicted to arrive on Thursday have passed. It is not very uplifting to see how one low pressure after another moves our way. But now we have time to fix more things on the boat. Right before we left I received three custom made wooden plugs from Varalövs Tunnfabrik, they are to be used if the self-bailers brake and we need to stop water from coming in. In almost all chandleries you can buy sets of wooden plugs in different sizes, but they are too small so we contacted a local company who made bigger plugs for us. Today we are going to attach them with small ropes to the seacocks, that way they are easy to find in an emergency. We are also doing some cleaning and stowing. Some of the things haven’t found their right places yet, and since we are expecting a lot of rocking on the German bight we want to make sure everything is secured before we leave. The bathroom is quite alright, it is tight though with all of our bottles. Sofia has her favourites and I have mine so there are almost two sets of everything. In the picture you can see toothbrushes for a whole year, which my dentist Jan Christenson, Tandläkargruppen Höganäs, kindly has supplied us with together with some other things needed for good oral hygiene. My tool storing space on the other hand is a mess. Every time I need something from there it gets harder to close the hatch. I think I have to rearrange the things in there again. Yesterday we bought petrol for the outboard and tried it for the first time. It worked fine but stopped after a while, since I got the wrong manual I don’t know what all the levers are meant to do, I tried to push them a bit different and then it started again. I think I will have to download the real manual to get to know exactly how it works. But for now I’m happy with it as long as it works most of the time.

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