Three Days Left...

..and things are starting to shape up. We are actually leaving in three days and it is scaringly close when thinking about it! However, we really don't have any time to think about it or reflect upon it any further, so we skip that part for the moment:) The last couple of days have been really intense, tomorrow there will be more updates and pictures regarding what we have been up to recently, so stay tight! Before I am off to bed I would like to emphasize what is gonna happen during the farewell weekend. On Saturday we will have little farewell mingle in Höganäs Harbor starting at 7 pm. Feel free to drop by at any time after 7 pm, and please bring sunshine! Sunday is the actual farewell day. At 1 pm we plan to weigh anchor, so be there little earlier in order to get farewell hugs and kisses and a chance to see Cantare (our home for the next year...) On Sunday lots of sunshine are indeed preferable, however most important are fair winds, most of all winds from the south so we will get a nice first leg to Gothenburg. Sleep tight everybody!

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