Just Arrived Safely in Holland

We just arrived in Delfzilj Harbor after three days and three nights on the North Sea. Stay tight, more updates will come during the evening, but first of all we will clean out the boat and dry all our wet clothes with a well deserved cold Danish beer....:-) Later! /First Mate Ivansson

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well done. Are you going on the hollandish channels now? Nice with Houses near the water and you pay with putting money in a wooden shoe.


  2. Agneta Says:

    Bra gjort tjejer, ni förtjänar varsin god öl (eller två). Blev lite orolig när jag hörde att det var stormvarning längs Danska kusten torsdag. Kramar Agneta JanÅke o Tina. Ps golfen gick sådär