Hopefully less than a day left

We are still out on the North Sea, today we have for the first time been able to eat a heated meal. The wind was alright when we left Thyborön. Although, the swell was a bit unpleasant in the beginning, it calmed down when we reached deeper water. The first night was good, but it's hard to sleep because of all the strange sounds and the constant rocking. The weather forecasts predicted winds of beaufort 3-4 maybe 5. That is winds up to 10 m/s. Yesterday morning the wind increased and kept doing so until it was steady on 15 m/s, with gusts up to 20 m/s. The wind in itself was not a problem but the waves got bigger and bigger. Some of them were breaking. Sofia got seasick and fed the fishes, I didn't feel like eating but was quite alright. It kept raining and blowing hard, we wondered for how long we would be able to continue, would we have to turn around and go with the wind? But there are no harbours on the Danish west coast that we can approach in strong onshore winds, so we decided to go on. We did almost no speed towards our destination since the wind was blowing from that direction, we had to tack amidst the giant waves. In the afternoon the wind finally decreased to 10 m/s and even less for shorter periods. Almost as quick as the waves built they faded into more normal waves and life got better aboard Cantare. Last night the wind picked up again, about 15 m/s, but it was over quicker this time and the waves didn't get that big. Today the sun has shone on us and we have been able to go almost directly towards Borkum, Holland. We feel like eating again and are a lot happier. Cantare steers herself and we try to dry our wet clothes and relax a bit. Tomorrow we will reach our destination, Delfzijl, if the winds stay on our side from now on. Keep your fingers crossed! /The Captain

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    Bon Voyage. Måns (Elisabeth)