Last Night on Shore and Radio Interview on Monday Morning

This will be the last night on shore for a long time. Tomorrow we will move out to the boat and then do the very last preparations before the farewell party on the pier. At the moment Maria is at the boat putting togehter the last pieces needed for setting off and I am doing the last preparations needed at home.

I know a lot of you were seated in front of the radio this morning waiting for the radio presenter to call us and see how we are progressing but nothing happened. Something came up on the radio channel so the interview is postponed till Monday morning at 7.30. Hopefully we will be close to Gothenburg by then, in full sail.

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  1. Jane Says:

    Lyssnade på er på radio. Gött att ni nästan kommit till göteborg vid intervjun. Ser fram emot ett inlägg om hur man bäst kontaktar er senare. Ha det så trevligt i Göteborg. Kram