Europeiska Travel Insurance Extreme

Finding an insurance covering us during our adventure has not been easy. Regular backpacker insurance doesn't cover us while sailing, especially not over the Atlantic Ocean. Not being able to find a suitable insurance has been a worrying factor until we got into contact with Europeiska Försäkrings AB. Europeiska is specialized in offering private and business travel insurance and offers cover before, during and after the journey. Europeiska has a rather new insurance; Travel Insurance Extreme which gives a wide cover for adventures people like me and Maria who want to find challenges in life. When comparing the Travel Insurance Extreme with a regular backpacker insurance it provides a high level of additional cover. For example, the Travel Insurance Extreme provides full compensation for any essential medical expenses incurred as a result of accident or illness. That is, if for example one of us gets injured while sailing far from civilization, Europeiska will do their utmost to help us. Sailing Cantare has started a cooperation with Europeiska, and during our journey we will provide you all with more information about how you can make sure that you will feel safe during high risk adrenaline rush activities.

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