Solving the engine problems?

Yesterday when I was waiting for Sofia on the quay I spotted something underneath Cantare. It looked like a fish that was eating on the boat. But it didn’t move so I asked Sofia to jump a bit in the cockpit to see if it was alive. She did, but forgot that the boom was positioned right above her head. Ouch! She got a bump on her head but looked quite alright, I tried not to laugh. The thing underneath didn’t move at all so I took the boat hook and tried to stir it. Then it floated to the surface, it was a bunch of seaweed. Aha, could that be why the engine had seemed weaker? Our beloved but a bit unreliable engine had not been able to move us as efficiently against the waves as it used to. I thought it was due to Cantare being so much heavier. Could there be more seaweed around the propeller? The only way to check that out was going into the water. I figured my First Mate should get the nice chance to try her new wet suit and goggles. I motivated her by explaining that her arms are longer than mine. Not a problem, she is very good when it comes to trying new things. She did whine a bit when the cold water started to get into the wet suit, but after a while she was happy again. She took my waterproof camera with her and took a picture of the propeller. All you could see on the picture was a very big bunch of seaweed, the propeller was hidden underneath it all. She then took the pink rubber gloves on and cleaned the propeller while some of the other sailors looked amused. It is always great to have entertainment in the harbour, sometimes you happen to be the one creating the show. Afterwards Sofia took a well deserved shower before we left Glyngöre.

We are now anchored outside Lemvig, a harbour close to Thyborön. Since the winds are supposed to blow in the wrong direction until Monday we are in no hurry and will probably stay here for a few days.
Johan from radio P4 Kristianstad called us this morning and got an update on our latest adventures, if you missed it you can listen here.

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  1. Unknown Says:


    probably this seaweed slowed you down. if you look for the screw at the this made 2 knots while it was covered, after cleaning it did easily 7 knots.


  2. Morgan Says:

    Vi på vill önska er en riktigt trevlig resa. Vi kommer följa er med spänning!

  3. Kapten Ingerup Says:

    Hej Morgan, tack så mycket! Maria och Sofia

  4. asparagus Says:

    Grymt att du såg tången Maria och Sofia att du kunde få bort den!!! Det är sååå generöst av er att erbjuda lite hamnunderhållning =)