Fishing and Partying in Falmouth

Still no good weather forecasts, therefore we are basically stuck in Falmouth; however, we haven’t got that much to complain about. Of course we are hoping and prying for good weather everyday so we can take off to sunny Spain and Portugal. Meanwhile, we are trying to make the most of our stay here in Falmouth. There are lots of things to do; our days are fully booked with everything from fishing, killing and gutting the fish and then making a tasteful makril dinner out of it, playing with the Danish children on the beach to looking fabulous at parties with UK Custom Service and waking up at noon…

Today is a rainy foggy day here in Falmouth, a perfect day for visiting The National Maritime Museum Cornwall, situated here in the harbor. We are heading there now and then it is time to consider opening the day’s first bottle of Cornish beer. /First Mate

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  1. Cecilia Says:

    Tur att ni roar er ordentligt! Ni ser jäkligt fräscha ut på bilderna!
    - Vem dödade egentligen fisken?
    Så synd att jag inte är hos er just nu. Puss o kram på er

  2. Bo Says:

    Fina bilder! Måste vara en bra kamera ni har :)

  3. Kapten Ingerup Says:

    Sofia är fiskdödaren!