Arrived in Amsterdam

This morning the alarm started screaming way too early; however, in order to reach Amsterdam this afternoon we had to ignore our warm, cozy beds (nowadays decorated with mosquito nets). Surprisingly, we managed to skip the numbers of snoozing sessions we usually have to go through before being able to get out of our beds, and took off around 6.15. However, we got the recompensate for not staying in bed pretty right away: it was an absolutely beautiful morning, it was totally calm and quite and we could witness the sunrise. To get out of Enkhuizen we had to go through one lock, it was totally empty, no hoard of motor boats. I’ll bet the motor boat owners were still in bed at that point. We passed the lock very quickly and then continued out in the Markermeer.

When crossing the Bay of Biscay we really want the windvane to work smoothly. Therefore we decided to try it today when sailing on the Merkameer towards Amsterdam. Since we have been on the canals the last couple of days we haven’t been sailing much. Consequently it was a great feeling setting sails and then just lean back and relax, watching the windvane doing the work!

When we entered Amsterdam we ran into s/y Kajsa, a Norwegian boat with Tuve and Erik aboard, they are on their way home from the Carribean. Tuve and Erik have done the same trip we are about to do and we have got loads of inspiration from their homepage. We are now moored in the middle of the city in a harbor called Sixhaven. It is a crowded, but very cozy harbor with a lovely harbor master. We are planning on staying here in Amsterdam for at least three nights. At the moment there is a killing smell of dinner surrounding the harbor and since we are out of gas we are soon off to a restaurant to have some dinner. See you!

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  1. asparagus Says:

    Ahhh, vad kul! Amsterdam... Njut!!!

    Puss & kram till er!

  2. Kaptenen Says: snart ska vi ta oss över till Amsterdam innerstad, så mycket att fixa i båten också tyvärr. Men i kväll blir det till att ta på byn. Kram

  3. David Says:

    Hi Girls!

    Just read about you guys in a swedish magazine. Im impressed about your plans and that you are doing this awsome trip.

    I hope to do the same one day. But to sail from europe to my home in Rio De Janeiro.

    Have fun!!!