Falmouth by night

8 pm last night we could see the lights from Falmouth, but we had 3 more hours to sail before it was time to take down the sails and start the engine. It was dark by then, in the pilot book we had read that Falmouth was an easy harbour to enter during night, and it was. With the help of our plotter and the many light buoys we steered into the port. In Falmouth you have many choices of where to moor. Since it was quite hard to distinct the marina lights from all the city lights we decided to anchor outside. When the anchor light was lit we took a glass of wine and celebrated our arrival to the last harbour before the Biscay. Then we slept for 10 hours! Now we are moored in Port Pendennis and they have intenet here, hopefully there will be new pictures on our homepage soon. But we haven't decided whether we shall stay in this marina or move to another less fancy without internet. It depends on how good the ARC discount is here. More updates to come. / The Captain

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  1. Mattias Says:

    Bra kämpat med den sura motvinden! Även om ni har en bra kryssbåt så antar jag att ni längtar till passadvindarna.

  2. Kapten Ingerup Says:

    Tackar, ja du har rätt det ska bli underbart att inte hela tiden ha vindarna rakt mot.

  3. Anders R Says:

    Hoppas att det ordnar sig med fyllning av era
    gasoltuber i fortsättningen.

    Jag använder själv primus fotogenkök. Fungerar bra.
    Mysigt men sotar något under

    God tur över Biscaya !!