Enjoying life in Port Pendennis, Falmouth

Sailing is about enjoying life and that is exactly what we are doing at the moment! We are in Falmouth and probably staying there for the whole week. Tomorrow the hurricane Bill will hit the Bay of Biscay, wouldn’t be that nice bumping into Bill at sea so we are gladly staying here in the beautiful port Pendennis. In our opinion, Port Pendennis is the best marina in Falmouth, especially due to the lovely harbor master and his crew: outstanding service!

Yesterday felt like Sunday even though it was Monday, we didn’t accomplish that much so to speak, however we managed to do our laundry. We were rather lazy yesterday. Sunday night it was a great party in the other marina at Tom’s and Susanne’s place, a Bavaria 42 called Escape, or now we call it the party boat. The party went on all night and resulted in a little warning from the harbor master the next day who tried to threaten with his useful contacts with the police and if he would get more complains he would definitely call the police. (Just a elucidation, I am now talking about the harbor master in the other marina not our friendly harbor master.) Anyway, Norwegians sure know how to party!

Today we are hosting a little coffee party, the Danish family is invited. We have promised something home made, we are thinking about making an apple pie and then serve a little Swedish surprise very suitable for the children: "negerbollar". By the way, we need to do some more baking before hitting the Biscay, so we wont risk running out of biscuits and other sweets to eat when it’s ruff sailing. If you have any good tips of tasty easy made cookies, feel free to drop the recipes here in the comments! Mummy, I was thinking about your "kokoskakor", can you email me the recipe? Now we are off to the supermarket to get some ingredients. Have a nice day! /First Mate

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Gud så kul allt låter Sofia! Än så länge verkar ju allt ha gått bra, väldigt skönt att höra! Ha det fortsatt skitbra och ta HAND OM DIG!! Kram kusin Malin

  2. S/Y Calypso Says:

    Hej Tjejer

    Kul att följa er på er drömresa :D
    När vi har lite längre förflyttningar brukar vi ha Pizzabullar. Enkelt och lätt att smaska på. Klart inte så mycket med sött att göra men ändå.