Falmouth, here we come, slowly.

Today we left the beautiful Studland Bay at 6 am. We had the alarm set at 4 am, but it was still blowing too hard then, and we decided to wait two hours and see if the promised decrease would occur. It did and as the new day dawned we went out to sea again. In the beginning it was smooth but slow since we had the current against us. Then when we reached more open water the waves picked up together with the wind and we suddenly faced SW 17 m/s against us, a bit like the North Sea but not that bad. The wind seems to be against us and our progress towards Falmouth are slow since we have to beat to windward constantly. But hopefully the wind will veer to the south tonight, if it does we will be able to steer directly to our destination. Right now we have 10 m/s SW and sunshine and the weariness has left us. Since the wind generator has filled our batteries we are having happy hours with music both in the cockpit and the saloon, while I prepare our dinner, freeze-dried, not very fancy but easily made in this rocking home. Thank you mum for giving it to us! Hopefully there will be an update from Falmouth, our last stop before the Biscay, tomorrow, if not, the wind decided to be against us for a while longer. But don't worry we have plenty of chocolate left! / The captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    blev ni intervjuade i morse - och i så fall när - svensk tid?

  2. Kapten Ingerup Says:

    Nej det blev vi inte, sommarprogrammet är slut och jag tror inte de kommer ringa mer. Om de gör det så skriver vi det på hemsidan =)

  3. Tom Molin Says: This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Tom Molin Says:

    Hej tjejer, vilket spännande projekt! Jag läser er blogg på pendeltåget till jobbet varje morgon.

    Jag har egentligen en fråga till Mamma: Hur gör man frystorkad mat på egen hand?