Waiting, waiting...still in Falmouth

We have changed the oil in the engine. Baked cookies and shared them with our neighbours. We have disengaged the autopilot, which didn't work and was causing trouble for our windvane. We have tried Fish 'n' Chips and we have had a few beers at the Norwegian boats. We are ready to leave! But the weather forecast predicts SW winds, again. We don't want to go out with the wind against us and with wave height of 5 meters. Therefore we are still in Falmouth and will probably be for a few more days, waiting and waiting for a weather window. / The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Clever girls. h Eva

  2. Mattias Says:

    Håll ut! Passa på att få prylarna i bra ordning och festa inte för hårt precis innan ni seglar...