Party of Lights (Ljusfesten) and the City of Cheese

Last Friday it was a traditional light event with a boat parade called Ljusfesten in our hometown Ängelholm. Since we couldn’t’t make it this year, we had our own light party together with all the other boats that left Amsterdam Saturday night. To be able to continue southwards on the canals you have to leave Amsterdam in the middle of the night. The first bridge opened at 2.15 am and then all the boats leaving Amsterdam went together through the city in a parade that looked like a beautiful red/green/white pearl band. Everything went smooth except for a drunk Dutch that made the trip little inconvenient from time to time. The Dutch and his buddy were smoking and drinking while going in the convoy through Amsterdam. In one of the locks they almost started fighting and had severe problems keeping the boat to the side. At one point their boat was lying vertical in the lock since they hadn’t tighten the ropes properly. Guess who was just next them and little worried about getting overdriven by them? Of course, we were moored just next to them in the lock and really furious about their behaviour. I mean, being drunk when sailing is NOT accepted and if we had been in Sweden, this would be a very great topic for the TV show, “Kustbevakarna”. Luckily we weren’t’t hit by them and ended up at a bridge close to the airport at around 4 am, where we had to wait until it would open at 8 am. Consequently, we got a few hours of sleep before we continued and ended up in the city famous for its cheese, Gouda.

Even though Gouda is very proud of their well-known cheese and showing it by putting cheese above the streets, the city has more to offer. It has also a beautiful old city town with a 15th century huge church. After a chill afternoon at the boat, we went to an Italian restaurant and celebrated the fact that we have been on go for a month.

Today the sun is shining nicely and we are heading for Rotterdam. Since it is my aunt Bodil’s 50th birthday today I want to send her an extra regard; happy Birthday! /First Mate

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  1. Katarina Says:

    Hej Sofia!
    Så skoj det är att följa er resa. Ni är verkligen duktiga på att skapa PR. Ska börja lyssna på radio Kristianstad på fredag fm också. Hörde av Bodil att de ringer er en gång i veckan.
    Var förresten hos din gamla moster i lördagskväll. God mat och dryck och trevligt umgänge. Det hade varit massor av folk där hela dagen. Hon strålade verkligen. Svårt att fatta att hon fyller 50.

    Ha´det så fantastiskt kul på er spännande resa. Och gör inget som jag inte skulle ha gjort :-)

    Kram Katarina Jönsson

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hej tjejer!
    Soprano kom igår klockan 13 in i Lomma hamn, så skönt att vara hemma! Verkar som det går bra för er! Skriver ni på bloggen varje dag!? En seglar, den andra skriver om det. Synd ingen kommer orka läsa allt ;) Har ni hört talas om google translate? Nä, nu var jag elak igen! Hoppas allt är toppen med er! Vi hörs snart igen. Massa kramar, Chris

  3. First Mate Says:

    Roligt att höra från dig Katarina! Hör av mig vidare via mail senare!

    Välkommen hem Christian! Värst va du kan vara tyken, haha, avundsjuk eller? ;) En viss sopronosida verkar ju inte ens existera....

  4. Eva Samuelsson Says:

    Hahaha! Klockren bild på en sovandes Sofia!