Waiting for the bridge to open

7 pm we arrived at the first bridge, around ten other yachts were waiting in front of it. When we had payed the fee we were all allowed to pass at the same time. We were told to moor along the starboard quay until about 2 am when the railway bridge would open. But the bridge master told us to stay awake since the time could be changed. We started with dinner, moved on to Sex and the City, after two episodes we began to get rather tired. We heated water in the electric water kettle, it runs on 12 V, therefore it takes like an hour to get the water hot. You have to start in time, but we're glad to have it, especially now when we have run out of gas. The tea helped for a short while, then we tried chocolate, but we got more and more tired. 2.15 am when the bridge was supposed to open according to the pilot there was no movement among the other yachts. A short while later the neighbours that we are moored along knocked on Cantare. They told us there was a computer problem on the bridge and that they wouldn't open it at all tonight. The next opening will be a day later. After trying so hard not to fall asleep I was suddenly wide awake. We had talked about reaching Gouda in the afternoon, now we have to stay in Amsterdam one more day. Not to bad though, we are moored in the city center, no fee so far and free WiFi. Life as a sailor is unpredictable. / The Captain

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  1. ANDERS Says:

    Konstigt när ni var på polparty på Candela hade ni inga problem att hålla er vakna till 02.00 Börjar ni bli slitna av partylivet?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oroligt - hur skall ni få mat när ni inte har gas

  3. First Mate Says:

    Ingen fara, vi har fått mat utan gas. Varit skönt att äta kall mat nu när det varit väldigt varmt ute. Nu har vi dock äntligen hittat en marina med gas, så ikväll blir det varm mat!