A Sunny Weekend in Calais

This time the North Sea was much nicer and welcomed us with proper winds blowing from the north west. However, the winds faded and we had to use the engine during the night. It was 4.30 am, I was steering and due to heavy co current we made good speed, around 6-7 knots. I was listening to an interesting sound book when I suddenly heard a crashing sound. The speed quickly decreased, the accelerator didn’t work, smoke was coming out from the stern and it smelled like burned rubber. What happened?!? Shit, this is not too good I thought and woke Maria up. We checked a couple of things that could be the problem and then we could draw the solution that something must have hit the propeller, making it unmaneuverable which made the engine overloaded. By that point, luckily, the wind had increased and we could start sailing again and the engine got a well deserved rest.

We arrived in the busy port of Calais yesterday at 13.30. Before we could enter we had to call the port on the radio asking for permission to enter and then we had to let some huge ferries go first, then we could enter. And what a relief, the engine cooperated smoothly and caused us no worries when waiting for the ferries at the busy port.

I heard it is raining a lot back home in Sweden; I’ll try to send you some sunshine from France, the weather is lovely. However, if I am allowed to complain, it wasn’t that pleasant sunbathing today due to the wind causing a sandstorm at the beach. But on the other hand, we can stand some sand, as long as it is warm and it really is, it is lovely having found true summer temperature. We will see for how long the warmer temperatures will last though; tomorrow we are leaving France for England. The plan is to cross the English Channel and reach Dover tomorrow.

PS. The radio called us pretty early yesterday. You find the radio clip here. Have a nice weekend! /First Mate

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