Crossing the Channel

After two nights in Calais it was time to move on towards Dover in Great Britain. Before leaving the harbour we went over to an English yacht and asked them for tips on how to best cross the TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme) and whether it would be cheapest to buy diesel in France or in Great Britain. They were really nice and told us that it is quite easy to cross the Channel, all you have to do is look out for the big boats. According to them diesel is cheaper in Great Britain. We left the harbour at 11.45 am and when we got out on the Channel it was blowing about 5 m/s and the sun was shining. We had a lovely afternoon, and when the wind picked up, 10 m/s, we were able to go really fast, around 6 knots. After two hours we had crossed the TSS, it wasn’t difficult at all, the big boats went behind or in front of us without us having to alter our course. Then when we had called Dover port for information about when we would be able to enter the harbour the wind increased to gale strength and we got a rocky last hour before we could moor in the tidal harbour at 4 pm. Now we are sitting on the market square watching the athletics on a big screen. Tomorrow we will climb the hill and look at the famous Dover Castle and maybe go out to sea again in the evening to avoid the very expensive tariff here. / The Captain

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  1. Agneta Says:

    Hej på er. Tack för kortet. Roligt att få en hälsning. Tittade igenom några av era bilder o måste fråga om det är du Maria som är så duktig på akvarell. Jättefin bild. Kram

  2. Helena Says:

    Lite blött på fördäck?!
    Vad tycker du om detta Sofia?
    Jag vet ju att Maria "älskar" det! Härlig bild man kan nästan känna saltstänken, speciellt om man förstorar upp bilden.

  3. Kapten Maria Says:

    Tack så mycket Agneta! Jo det är jag som har målat akvarellen, fick lite tid över och då är det roligt att måla.