We will leave Falmouth...soon

Yesterday the forecasts looked better and our hope was raised again, maybe we will be able to leave Falmouth soon! Today they still look good. We have prepared Cantare and will leave the inner harbour of Port Pendennis this afternoon. Then we will fill our diesel tanks and just wait for the right moment to leave. The right moment though is difficult to spot. Maybe it will come this evening, this night or tomorrow. We check the weather charts all the time and discuss the matter with the other yachts. In Falmouth we are eight yachts ready to cross the Bay of Biscay. We all have different views on when the best time to leave is and of course the best time is not the same for all of us. Most of the yachts are bigger than Cantare and they will get over quicker, therefore the predicted weather will reach us differently depending on where we are in the bay. Add to this the uncertainty of the forecasts and you might understand how hard it is to decide when to leave. But we will leave soon! /Captain Ingerup

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  1. asparagus Says:

    Break a leg!

  2. First Mate Says:

    Ja, nu jäklar vill vi iväg till solen och värmen! Börjar tröttna lite smått på UK nu....=)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ole´ Olé
    God vind piger !!

  4. Anders Says:

    Lördag kl 13.20 position 48.52N 5.59W De hade ganska hög sjö i gårkväll, men sen mojnade vinden och de har kört motor ett tag. Eftersom autopiloten inte funkar har de fått handstyra. Men nu har vinden ökat lite så de seglar ca 4 knop med lite medström och vindrodret styr.Solen skiner och de har ensamseglaren precis framför sig medan de större båtarna har försvunnit utom synhåll.