Lisbon - city without internet and washing machines

Here we are in the capital of Portugal. Due to very bad Internet access we have not been able to update our blog until now. At the moment we are sitting on the pavement about 40 cm from the passing trams. Everytime they pass by we lean closer to the door behind our back. A few minutes ago a lady stopped by and explained in Portuguese (took a while for us to understand) that this was a bad place to sit with a computer, we might get robbed. But since we have been walking around the whole day looking for wifi we will at least do a short update. Citing Sofia "since we are well insured by the insurance company Europeiska we like living close to the edge from time to time". Another lack in this otherwise very nice city is the fact that we haven't been able to find any washing machines and that is very much needed. Yesterday was spent shopping in the Bairro Alto (new underwear instead of washing), today we have been walking around in the scenic Alfama. Tonight it's time to explore the nightlife of Lisbon. New pictures are uploaded here. /The Captain

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  1. pelle Says:

    Det är inte rättvist!!!!!

  2. Agneta Says:

    Hej tjejer. Kan inte ungdomar nuförtiden tvätta för hand??? Kan meddela att här i höga Nord (Högsäter) är tröskningen klar. Kramar på er

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hej på er. Råkade precis hitta er fina blogg och ser att ni haft lite mer 'brått' än vi och hunnit förbi oss. :-D

    Segla lugnt!

    Magnus s/v Röde Orm

  4. asparagus Says:


    Jag har ett starkt minne av en uppblåsbar badbalja ni kan handtvätta i =)

    Take care!!!