Bay of Biscay.. Finally here!!!

Position: N 48º43'   W 06º06'

Yes, we are actually on our way now, God, it feels so great! You should have see the happiness on the pontoons when we decided the wind was calm enough to start the Biscay adventure. We have had a great time in Falmouth, but now it was definitely time to continue! We were the first boat to leave Falmouth at 7.15 pm yesterday. However, our lead didn't last very long, we where quickly passed by Escape, but managed to keep up with the other Norwegian boats, Johanna and Time Out, during the night. Today they have also passed us, although we still gain radio contact with them. The only boat remaining is the Swedish boat Inga who decided to leave Falmouth today, we are excited to see how long we can manage to keep Inga behind us!

Last night we had great sailing, top speed was 8,18 knots. Our windvane did a great job until it decided to jump off its cogwheels. However, it didn't cause us problem for that long, only giving me more arm muscles due to the hand steering. The master in windvane problems, Maria, managed to fix it this morning! At the moment we are running the engine since the wind is too weak. I am guessing the engine is scaring the dolphins, because they haven't come playing with us yet, too bad! Up to now we have covered almost 100 M of the 538 M to our goal, Baiona in Spain. The GPS says that we have about 90 hours left, but ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) changes all the time, I hope we can open the arrival beer sometime on Wednesday! /First Mate

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