Goodbye Spain, Hello Portugal

After some nice days and nights full of party we left Baiona Saturday evening in order to anchor (and detox) outside Isla de Cies, a couple of Islands just outside Baiona. Reaching the islands was almost like reaching paradise; turquoise/green water, beautiful mountains and nature’s pure silence. A good way to relax is just to lie on fore deck tanning and then jump into sea to cool oneself down when the sun is getting too hot. That is what we have been doing the last couple of days, absolutely wonderful!

Today we pulled up the anchor and left Spain around noon and arrived in Portugal at 6pm. We had winds from the north, up to 15 m/s, and wonderful sailing wing on wing. It felt like we were flying on the water towards our goal. At one point I certainly flew, when the GPS said we did 13knots! Ok, that was only for a moment, but anyway, I big time beat the old record!

Now we are safely moored in the old city Viana do Castelo, our first stop in Portugal. /First Mate

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  1. Mattias Says:

    13 knop med en B31:a är riktigt bra jobbat!

    Om ni försöker knäcka oss i höst-Sverige med era bilder... så har ni lyckats. Har ni inget regn att visa???