Downwind sailing

Position: N 43° 35' W 09° 33'

Finally the expected northerly wind has come and we are sailing again. I love it! No engine noise and a better movement of the boat. When we go by engine Cantare roll a lot from side to side and it gets a bit uncomfortable to sleep. With the sails up they stabilize her movement and it's easier to move around. For the first time since we left Sweden we have the wind with us, we are sailing downwind! It's fantastic, not having to beat to windward. When I was about to put the Monitor rudder into the water I noticed two dolphins swimming behind us. One of them was checking out the DuoGen water generator and the other one was looking at the wind vane rudder. They were really close and big, I wonder what they thought about our equipment dragging behind. After a while they sped away, and I could let the Monitor do the steering again. They say that wind vanes can have a problem with steering downwind, so far I don't agree with that, it works perfect for us. When we don't have to hold the wheel for four hours at a stretch life is so much better. We can read, listen to music and eat with both hands. Today when I was about to make dinner the LPG bottle was empty, luckily we bought a new one in Falmouth. Before we left I had no idea how long a bottle of 3 kg would last, now I can tell you, about a month, that's alright. Yesterday we got an email from Escape, the largest of the Norwegian yachts, they expected to reach Baiona the same evening or night, although we left Falmouth at the same time they will get to our destination about two days earlier than us. But we are close to Spain now, 102 nautical miles left to Baiona, hopefully the wind will increase a bit and we will be there before it get's dark tomorrow. I hope it's sunny and warm! / The Captain

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  1. Mattias Says:

    Med tanke på att ni redan har 22 i vattnet så får det nog räknas som varmt. Hemma i Sverige är det 17, och på väg ner.

  2. Arthur Carvalho - SV Finisterre Says:

    Hello Cantare Crew!!
    My name is Arthur, writting from Portugal.
    Heard about Cantare on the "Soprano" website. Very nice trip you're undertaking. I have just bought a HR 24 in Sweden and brought it (in a container) to Portugal. I'm based in Póvoa de Varzim, north of Porto.
    If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

    Arthur Carvalho
    S/V Finisterre