Welcome aboard Deckhand Emelie

Finally, our dear deckhand and friend Emelie has arrived! We went to the airport with our new huge flag and the dodger cover (with Cantare written on) to pick her up and we are so glad to have her here! Welcome!!! Deckhand Emelie has been well introduced to the preparations before our take off. Today she was a helping hand when changing the engine oil and afterwards Emelie was totally covered in oil.

I want to take the opportunity to apologize to our readers for not having updated our blog for days. Since we arrived in Las Palmas we have had a very busy schedule, the “what-to-do-before-leaving-Las-Palmas-list” is very long and the ARC parties, seminars and other activities also fill up the days and nights. However, we have lots of fun and we promise to give you a good review of all the funny things that have happened and will happen during this preparation weeks in Las Palmas, when we are on our way over the Atlantic Ocean, that is when we think we will have all the time in the world! /First Mate

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  1. Mamma Eva Says:

    Får vi samma mottagande när vi kommer ner?

  2. First Mate Says:

    Haha, det ska vi nog kunna lösa mamma!! Åtminstone ska jag se till att välkomna er med välkyld champagne:-)

  3. Bodil Says:

    Hej Sofia
    Servera inte för mycket champagne till din mamma, hon tåler inte så mycket.

  4. Erik Says:

    Hej Emelie! Hoppas du får en fin segling men passa dig för Maria och Soffan, de är bra lömska och kan försöka gömma dig.

    Kram allihop