Day 4 - A wet day

Today is yet another day at the sunny Atlantic. Maria is doing some navigation in the cockpit, Sofia is on watch and I'm working on my tan. We have finally gotten stronger winds and our speed is increasing again. Since last afternoon we have sailed 128 nautic Miles. That's quite good. Hopefully better than some of the other boats in the ARC at least. Unfortunately the stronger winds also means bigger waves. This morning on my watch I sat in the aft of the boat just as usual listening to some good music, looking at the stars above. All of a sudden a huge wave came and washed all over the boat, leaving me soaking wet. I guess I should be happy, since I really need a shower after four days at sea, but I wasn't expecting it like this. Since everything looked fine and we were doing great speed I just took of the wet clothes, put on my bikini and sat down again. I had just started to get dry and warm again when the next wave came. This time even bigger. So big that the water was forced down in the saloon. Not fun at all. Maria and Sofia had to spend half an hour getting the water out of the boat again. But at least the boat is clean again and so am I. We have now changed our course a bit trying to avoid the worst waves, but still some waves tend to find the way into the cockpit. I guess it's going to be dress code bikini today.

Lots of love from Deckhand Emelie

P.S Pappa jag har skrivit en översättning på svenska till dig. D.S

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