Goodbye Las Palmas, hello Atlantic Ocean

We are so excited, the race starts tomorrow and finally, almost everything is ready for take off! Maria and I were at Skipper’s briefing earlier today and got the last information concerning the race and the latest weather forecast. We also got the ranking list for the competition, there is a certain handicap system based on boat type, size, kind of sails etcetera etcetera. We are the third shortest boat and the very thinnest in the race so do you know what?! We are ranked the slowest boat, but we are not sad, just excited, now we can beat them all due to the handicap we are given. Every boat we are faster than is a victory to us! We are counting on crossing in 25 days and every day faster is another victory!

The only thing remaining now is to get this uploaded on the blog and also to try to get some photos uploaded. Unfortunately, it is harder than expected. The wifi in the marina is so bad, all sailors are facing the same problem and are very annoyed at the fact that we cannot update our blogs and do necessary internet business. At the moment I am sitting at my parent's hotel trying to upload this but the connection is soooooooo slow. Maria on the other hand is trying to upload pictures at another place. It is slow at her place too but hopefully she'll manage to get some pics uploaded, we have lots of photos we want to share with you! During the crossing we are going to update the blog with our satellite phone so you all can follow our crossing day by day. When the internet business is done we are going to have a family farewell dinner and then have an early night, tomorrow at 13.00 is the starting signal for Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2009, it is time to hit the big ocean! Mum is standing next to me here and just asked whether we are nervous, but I think Maria, Emelie and I are all just very excited, we haven't had time to get nervous....yet=)

I would also like to thank all our readers for following our blog and giving us your support! All of you mean a lot to us! Thank you! See you on the Atlantic Ocean!

PS. Don't forget to have a look at our latest guest blogging at the insurance company Europeiska's blog, you find it by clicking here. /First Mate

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  1. Sirene Says:

    We will follow Cantares crossing closely.
    Have a safe trip - and remember that the last 2-3 days af the passing will be the hardest and most borring.
    Danish B31 "Sirene"

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Håller tummarna på snabb och härlig överfart till Västindien! Trimma seglen väl.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Lycka till Cantare från Isbjörn. Kanadensisk båten med en svensk namn.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Håller tummarna för en härlig färd med gynsamma vindar :)

    Hälsningar Stefan

  5. Petter Says:

    Lycka till på överfarten! Se till att slå några av båtarna!!

  6. Urtzi Says:


    I am a Spanish sailor and reader from your blog... I read every week your blog and is really very nice to see how special is your aventure!!! You both are great sailors for me!!!

    I hope you all the best in the atlantic crossing!!!

    Best regards,