Full Moon Party a la Halloween

Yesterday morning I woke up early finding myself having a very hard time lying still in my bed in the fore peak, I was rolling back and forth, back and forth. Not only the wind had increased during the night, the waves were hitting us from every direction making the anchoring very unpleasant. We decided to go back to the little "biscuit village" - Las Galletas (Las Galletas is the Spanish word for biscuits), to get protected from the increasing winds. Do you remember me talking about the full moon party I was tempted to go to? Guess what, the party wasn't last Friday, it was yesterday! It was a combined Full Moon/Halloween Party and the guys from Johanna had brought some Halloween makeup and after having put on some heavy makeup, I and the guys where ready to hit the full moon night. We had a crazy, but very funny Halloween celebration with all the locals with whom we have become familiar with here in Las Galletas, where everybody seems to know everybody. One of the nice things about staying little longer at a place is the opportunity to get to know new people better, and not only sailors in the marina, also local people you meet at the pub or elsewhere. So we not exactly mourning over the fact that we had to go back to Las Galletas. However, time flies and on Sunday we are suppose to be in Las Palmas, and before that we want to visit Puerto Mogan in the south of Gran Canaria. The weather forecast predicts little less wind on Tuesday so we are planning on leaving Tenerife for Gran Canaria early Tuesday morning. But I don’t need to remind you about the fact that plans tend to change…

PS. I have been doing some new guest blogging at the webpage of the insurance company Europeiska, you find the blog contribution here. DS

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Åh vad härligt! Livin la vida loca ;-) Ni ser ut att ha det alldeles underbart! Här i Gbg har det blivit höst, men julsaker börjar dyka upp över hela stan. Mys! Skvallret har lyst med sin frånvaro, vi är riktigt städade när du inte är här Sofia ;-) Du får ta och ändra på det när du kommer tillbaka. Ha det alldeles fantastiskt! Stor kram Johanna

  2. First Mate Says:

    Hahaha, söta Johanna, jag ska maila dig vid tillfälle lite skvaller som heter duga=) Saknar dig massor ska du veta! Massa pussar och kramar från Gran Canaria