Day 7 - Advent Sunday

Seven days, limited space, competition nerves, three girls with strong wills and personalities, and yet no huge fight. I think that´s really impressive. Of course we have had our discussions and differnt opinions, but Maria, Sofia: I still love you! One of the reasons is of course us compromising, but I think that the main reason is that we complement each other. Even though we come from a quite similar background, we have somehow along the way achieved different experiences and knowledge, both good and bad. When we put our experience and knowledge together we have a team. A really great and strong team if you ask me. For example yesterday when Maria caught a fish, everyone knew their task. Maria is the one doing the fishing most of the time, and Sofia is  the one who puts on red plastic gloves and takes care of the fish (killing is another word) after we have managed to get it into the boat. Since I´m not very keen of fishing and don´t have the heart to kill it afterwards, my very important task yesterday was to be cameraman and cheerleader. Perhaps a silly example but it is like this. We are good at different things, we are aware of it, and we don´t try to change it.
Today it´s Advent Sunday and we will of course do our best and celebrate it. It´s a bit hard though when it is 25 degree C outside and the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. Perhaps playing Christmas carols will do the trick. Today is also the day when we are going to take our first shower on the Atlantic crossing. Up until yesterday I was looking forward to it a lot. Now I am not so sure anymore. Believe it or not, I´m starting to like my greasy hair and my salty skin. Taking a shower here is not like taking a shower at home. It takes a little more effort. Maria and Sofia calls this change of mind, me becoming a real sailor. I hope that is true. A big thank you and lots of kisses to all of you out there who supports and believes in us. Your cheering means a lot! /Deckhand Emelie

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  1. Anders Says:

    You can see the two pictures on chose gallery and then boat gallery

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hej tjejer,
    Jag har smyg-följt er hela tiden. Ni kan inte ana vad avundsjuk jag är. Era första dagar på Atlanten skrev ni in era kordinater i bloggen. Snälla - Fortsätt med det så man kan se hur långt ni kommit.
    MVH//Gubben i Nyhamnsläge.

  3. Agneta Says:

    Hej tjejer. Så gott ni har de. Härligt att ni kan hålla sams, det är en erfarenhet för livet. Många kramar o härlig adventstid.