ARC2009 - Checked in

Today we checked in at the ARC office. We filled out a few papers, received a lot of information and booked our safety check. It will be later this afternoon. The only thing that we need to get before that is water to the grabbag, otherwise we feel prepared. I hope we get through the check without any trouble, but you never know how strict they are. We have also taken pictures for our ARC passes, which we need to wear on all the events and seminars. The ARC weeks have started! /The Captain

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Don't know if my comment on the photo went through. If you meet Torbjörn and Helena again, say hi from me and wish them good luck! :-)
    We have friends in common since Torbjörn and I studied parallel at Chalmers.
    GOOD LUCK to you too! Hugs! /Lena (next cousine)

  2. asparagus Says:

    Grattis, vad kul! Nu korsar ni snart den stora Atlanten!

    Stora kramar till er båda