Day 1 - Speed Record

Position: 1400 UTC N 026° 46' W 017° 14'

Today it is 13 days since I started calling Cantare my home, and I think I'm falling in love. N love with this way of living and all the wonderful and inspiring people around me. I must admit that it was with mixed feelings that I boarded the plane in Copenhagen; excited, focused and nervous all at once. But as soon as I saw Maria and Sofia at the Las Palmas airport all of my worries disappeared. I can't remember the last time I felt so warmly welcomed. Not only by Maria and Sofia but also by their new extended family and the Cantare blog readers. Now we have left Las Palmas, all of the festivities, our friends and family behind us and are heading towards our greatest adventure - the Atlantic Ocean. Right now I'm sitting in the sunny cockpit, Maria is sitting on here throne looking for competitors, the Monitor is steering and Sofia is down in the saloon sleeping. This is a wonderful day, except for me and Maria feeling a bit seasick this morning. It all started with Maria waking up covered in pear. We have stored all of our fruits in different nets and apparently we should have put the nets further away from each other. Since the cucumbers punctuated all of our pears and bananas in another net it caused a big fruit mess. Sitting in the saloon when the boat is rolling, it's hot and there are fruits everywhere is a very good idea if you want to get seasick. Tasting one of the smashed bananas is an even better idea, then you will definitely get seasick. I know because I tried it, but now after having fed the fishes I feel a lot better. Perhaps it's because of Sofia's excellent "how to puke from a boat guide". Time has now passed 1300 UTC and I'm proud to tell you that we have sailed 141 nautical miles during our first 24 hours. Hopefully we will continue just as good the following 24 hours. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Deckhand Emelie.

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    How do you report your Positions on the web.