Day 3 - Sunny Day in the Atlantic Ocean


Good morning everybody, it is a beautiful morning in the Atlantic Ocean. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we have increased our speed a little! We are all starting to adopt to this kind of rolling sailing life, and yesterday we started practising our planned watch schedule. Emelie starts her watch 06.00-11.00, then I do the 11.00-16.00, Maria is on 16.00-21.00 and then the night watches start at 21.00-24.00 (Emelie) 24.00-03.00 (Sofia) and 03.00-06.00 (Maria). Deckhand Emelie is doing great, she has done the night watch all by herself now, with Maria and I taking turn about being on duty, which means sleeping fully dressed with lifejacket on, so we can get up in the cockpit as quick as possible if she would need any assistance. But so far so good, Emelie hasn't had to wake us up once, she's brilliant!

Before my watch starts I will recommend you to have a look at the ARC webpage,, where you can find our and all of our competitors´ position, it is so exciting! Keep an eye on number 235, that is our boat number! And one more thing, before leaving Las Palmas we met Martin from the Swedish radio station, Skärgårdsradion 90,2. Martin is also sponsored by the insurance company Europeiska and on his way over the Atlantic Ocean with a boat called Thindra. He visited us in the boat and made a little radio interview and took some videos from inside Cantare and from what I have heard those clips can be found on Now I am going on my watch with the hair drier, trying to increase our speed little. See you!

/First Mate

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