A Perfect Day

Today I have had an amazing day!

We are anchored in the Big Trunk Bay at Virgin Gorda, very close to a beautiful sand beach with palm trees and surrounded with turquoise water. After a lazy morning we all tried to pull ourselves together and do one useful chore each. Sofia pumped Volare (our dingy), Maria changed the oil in Volares engine and I lubricated all the small locks we have onboard. Puh, it was exhausting!  After that I had to coal down so I went for a snorkeling expedition. The water here is really clear so it is fun to snorkel around and see what fishes you can spot. I saw some cute blue ones, some yellow with black stripes and a really big grey one!

Later on at lunch time we decided to swim in to the beach and see if we could walk to the nearest town called "Spanish town". To get to the road leading to Spanish town we had to walk along the beach, climb some rock and walk through a bit of a jungle. It was great fun and I was stunned by the fantastic scenery along the way. This I truly a paradise! And as if that wasn't enough to make my day the next thing happening really did. Just as we were going to leave the beach and take of to the road leading to Spanish town a woman started shouting "Hey ladys, are you hungry?". Apparently we had walked by a group of women who were chartering a big bout called "Cuan Law" and they were just finishing of their lunch and wondered if we wanted some of the food that was left. There were ribs of lamb and pork, hamburgers, sausage, salad, watermelon, brownies and a lot more delicious stuff so of course we gratefully toke them up on their offer. We even got a bag of leftover food to take with us home! After that perfect lunch we headed of to Spanish town. The town was very small but we got our coke at a café, new bananas and Carib beer at a grocery store, and what more could you ask for on a fine day like this? Nothing, I'm fully satisfied with this day!  We are going to finish it of with the lamb and pork ribs that we got from the nice people att Cuan Law … and perhaps a sundowner in the cockpit! /Dechand Catrine

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