Paradise it is...still have to Laundry though..

I can just agree with the girls, we have had a couple of amazing days here on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. However, today we had to face reality again after having spent some relaxing days at anchor outside a paradise beach. No more clean underwears so time to do laundry… that is fighting with non-working washing mashines and dryers. When dealing with laundry herearound I so much miss the wash house just outside my apartment in Gothenburg. Our next fight today was trying to find working internet, functioning wifi is sadly no matter of course in paradise. Today we have had no internet luck until now when we are hungry and exhausted. But I know I owe you some updates from our last couple of days and with a bit of luck it will come tomorrow! We are also working on a movie from the Atlantic Crossing and we have loads of new pictures we want to share with you, so hang in there dear readers, tomorrow will hopefully be crowded with new updates! Over and Out/ First Mate

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