My world is rocking

Today is the second day of our sailing to Turks. This is actually the longest crossing I've ever done since when sailing back home we usually reach our goal after one days crossing. So for me it's exciting to try this out and get a feeling on how it will be on the Atlantic. 

Well, none of us has been seasick… yet.

All the way so far we have been sailing with downwind, which makes Cantare rock a bit from side to side. It's a peaceful way of sailing except from when you are trying to: sleep, cook food, go to the toilet, wash the dishes, walk around in the boat... Need I say more?

The waves aren't that big over here but the Atlantic swells on the other hand is up to 3 meters now (I'm guessing). That's a bit scary when you watch them from a distance and see them closing up on Cantare. It looks like they are going to wash over us but they just scoops up Cantare so that she surfs along with the swells in a cool way.

We are really hoping on catching a nice fish for dinner but so far we have had no luck on that. This morning I was wakened by the sound of Sofia screaming: "Fish! We've got fish!" So I rushed up from bed and grabbed my camera prepared to take photos of our nice catch. Maria rolled in the fishing line and we all watched with big curiosity. Was it a very small slim fish perhaps? No… it was just some seaweed. We cleaned the hock and threw it back in again. After some hours waiting I finally saw the fishing rod make some funny moves and I immediately started to fantasies about a nice fish soup. Maria started rolling in the fish and said that it was a heavy one, but then the pressure suddenly loosened and the fishing line went slack. When Maria had rolled it all in we saw that the fish had taken all of the parts from our lure. No fish soup tonight then…

Except from the failure fishing there hasn't happened much onboard Cantare today. We read books and plan what we should do on Cuba.  My hardest work today was opening a coconut!

/Deckhand Catrine

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  1. Cecilia Says:

    Regarding the Atlantic swells
    - I call it Surfing Cantare!
    It´s fun!
    X X X