Coming Home

We were unable to find a replacement plotter, nun that they sold on St. Martin worked with our Navionics charts. So in the end we had to settle for our backup plan, we will use the charts on our computers and get the gps position from our handheld gps. Maybe we will buy another small handheld as a second backup plan. It is not a perfect solution, but it will work, with the help of our newly purchased paper charts over Cuba and our pilot books we will be able to navigate safely. On Wednesday evening we left St. Martin after another nice evening together with Emelie and Alan. The wind was steady, 20 knots from the NE, Monitor did the steering and we had a relaxed night with three hours watches. When the morning light came we could see BVI, British Virgin Islands, ahead of us. The last days have been overcast and rainy, so when we sailed between Round Rock and Ginger Island which are stony islands it felt like coming home, home to Gothenburg and the smooth round rocks that make up the archipelago outside Gotheburg. On our way north to Spanish Town on the west coast of Virgin Gorda we passed the Baths, famous for its granite boulders and felt even more at home. The only odd things in the picture were the palms sticking up between the stones and the color of the water. In Spanish Town we cleared in, it wasn't as convenient as on the French Islands, back to a lot of paperwork. Today we took Cantare to the Baths, but there were no free mooring buoys so we tied up to Danish boat and took a short trip ashore. The weather was much better today which made the landscape even more beautiful. We were amazed by the place and decided to go back another day early in the morning to get a mooring buoy. Now we are anchored in a bay further north that isn't too bad either. Nice cream colored beach flanked by round big stones and palm trees, crystal clear water with rays and fishes and almost no other boats in the bay. Actually it's perfect here in Big Trunk Bay, we will stay for a few days before we go back to the Baths.

Talking about going back and coming home, we have decided to try to arrive in Sweden, Höganäs, on July the 10th. Of course nothing is for sure, especially not since we have the Atlantic ocean to cross first, but if everything goes well we will reconfirm this date when we are back in Europe. We will bring rum for the party so be there! /The Captain

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