New Pictures

Cantare office has been working pretty hard today and luckily had a bit of luck with the wifi! Not only a movie is uploaded, new pictures from our last adventures can be find too! Visit to view them or just click on Pictures on the left of our page. Enjoy! Now we are going to fix the last things needed to be done before we can take off to Turks and Caicos tomorrow. This morning our friends from Safari arrived in Vigin Gorda and invited us to dinner, it will be one more lovely night here in Virgin Gorda! Have a nice weekend all of you! Love/ First Mate

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tjena tjejer!

    Kollade på era nya bilder, underbart!

    I gbg så har det just börjat töa och det är några plusgrader, gissa vem som är avis på er ;-)

    Mvh M

  2. Pelle Says:

    Vilken underbar är bara bäst!!!