Bucket rescue

We are still motorizing, but this morning we got enough wind to engage Monitor again. Last night we had to hand steer and therefore we reduced the watches to two hours each, it's harder to stay awake if you can't move around or read. I was lucky, on my Ipod I found a good sound book and it felt like the watch was over in half an hour, but then on the other hand it wasn't easy to wake up when Sofia told me to after no more than 4 hours of sleep. When my day watch was over I decided to take a nap in the saloon, it was lovely, after a while I became conscious enough to hear sounds from the cockpit through my earplugs. Sofia and Catrine were up to something, maybe they were hoisting the sails although I didn't feel any wind increase and thought it a little bit strange. After a while I was too curious and had to go up. They were turning the boat around and were looking out over the water, Catrine had a boat hook in her hand. Aha, I spotted what they were after, our big plastic bucket was slowly sinking 15 meters away from us. They decided to change tactic, Sofia took a rope, attached it to the boat and jumped into the water. Sadly the bucket was too far down when she reached the spot and all we could do were watch through the very clear water how the bucket sank deeper and deeper below us. Since we had stopped and were in no hurry Catrine and I joined Sofia in the cooling water and enjoyed the freshness. Afterwards we all felt great and weren't to sad about the bucket loss. Our progress is slow, 2,5 knots, we either have a current against us, most likely, or need to clean the hull, that is also quite likely. We will probably not reach Grand Turk today, maybe sometime during the night although it is not certain that we will be able to anchor until it gets light, there are lots of shallows around the anchorage. But there is no hurry, I have a few chapters left on my sound book and we still haven't caught a fish. /The Captain (who don't want to fall overboard after having watched her crew's bucket saving attempt)

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