Clearing in Grand Turk

Yesterday evening the wind picked up again to a steady 20 knots making it possible for us to approach Grand Turk with an average speed of 7 knots during the last hours, much faster than expected . We decided to anchor outside the shallows and could turn on the anchor light at 11.20 pm. The swell was big and neither of us slept very well. After breakfast we moved 2 nautical miles south where the swell was slightly smaller. We arrived at the same time as a big cruise ship started to unload it’s passenger. Lot’s of Americans crowded the artificial village and we felt slightly out of place in our salt drenched cloths. No one knew where customs and immigrations were and we got tricked into taking a cab to the airport, there we were told to go back to the harbour master outside the cruise centre. In a building that looked like a workshop we found a lady willing to clear us in and are now legally allowed to stay in Turks and Caicos for seven days. / The Captain

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