Time to leave Antigua

We’ve had a lovely time here in Antigua and a lot of things have happened since we arrived. Cecilia has left the boat after having spent almost a month on the boat. We’ve met three new Norwegian boats with crew in our age, two of them we didn’t even know existed. Ariana was here for 10 days before she had to fly back home yesterday. We have celebrated Sofia’s 25th birthday together with Norwegian friends down in English Harbour. Ariana and I took a short minivacation from the ordinary sail life and went to Green Island where we discovered an interesting wreck. Back here in Jolly Harbour we have made our 5th and 6th dive together with Ariana, that was great fun. Not so much because of what we saw but more because it felt so good. Although it feels like it was years ago that we left Tobago we hadn’t forgotten how to do it and we were even better than before. Sofia didn’t use her air that quick and I was able to stay down for 50 minutes, the longest ever. Ariana took her Open Water in Sweden so for her it was the first time in warm water with visibility greater than 1 meter, she was very happy afterwards. My sister, Catrine, has now joined us and will be a part of the crew until we reach the Azores. I guess our parents will be a bit worried with their two daughters on the Atlantic, but I feel very pleased and happy to have Catrine with me. I also hope that she will be able to help me sort out what to do when I return to Sweden. At the moment I don’t really know, maybe study (but what?) or maybe work (if I find a job). I will at least try to write a book about this adventure but I guess my grandma won’t be satisfied unless I start doing something ”real” aswell. Anyway, Catrine joined us Monday evening, bringing with her a present from her employer Pyramid, drink money for the crew on Cantare! Perfect,we all loved that and on Ariana’s last night we went out and had some pink drinks celebrating her stay her and Catrine’s arrival. The only downside with this is that it is time to leave Antigua today, and with that I feel that the beginning of our return has come. I know that there is a lot more for us to do here before we start our Atlantic crossing, but we have come to the next phase of our stay in the West Indies. We will now head slowly to Cuba via St. Barths, St. Martin, British Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos. With that we will soon leave the yachtcrowded harbours for more adventures destination, but also destination without chandleries and supermarkets. Time to make Cantare ready for another Atlantic crossing. But first, of course, we will try to forget everything about that with some more rum drinks and the prospect of visiting Cuba! /The Captain

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