Prawns and Marinade Chicken

Yesterday was a Monday, the first day of the week, and apparently a Monday doesn't always have to be a day we fear, would very much like to skip and rather continue snoozing in bed wishing it was another lazy Sunday morning. Here in paradise yesterday's Monday turned out being one of the most relaxed and luxurious in a long time. However, the day started fairly early in the sunrise with a sad goodbye. Jane left us for some chic shopaholic days in New York before heading back to Sweden. It has been great fun having you here visiting us Jane, we miss you already! Jane got a special delivery ashore with the dinghy; Maria took her to the closest village from where we are anchored. The next village from here isn't that close though, about 4 Miles away and it took the girls about an hour to get there. Maria brought a handheld VHF and Cecilia and I were stand-by on channel 77 if there would be any problems with the delivery. While waiting for Maria to get back we did some baking and were hoping she would have found a grocery store since we were starting to run out of tasty supplies. We couldn't have been happier when she returned home with a smile on her face and showed us what she had found in the little town. Since we don't have a fridge working at the moment the amount of fresh food we are consuming isn't enormous so to speak. This Monday we big time changed that though since Maria had brought not only chicken but also prawns. When sailing around the Caribbean not having a fridge, small silly things you wouldn't care about at home can easily make one's day, like yesterday having prawns for lunch and marinade chicken for dinner. Yesterday continued lazily with not much happening besides reading, swimming and tanning. Today hasn't been that full of action either, simply another relaxed lazy day in paradise!  /First Mate


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What kind of fridge do you have in the boat ? Is it an old one or new. Is it a Isotherm cooler ?

    Låter inte så kul med en kyl som är paj på era breddgrader. Har ni funderat på nån lösning på detta i nån nära framtid?

    Lycka till tjejer !!


  2. Unknown Says:

    massages!! oohlala!! you had to say it didn't you? ;)