The art of doing nothing

The last couple of days we have been practicing the art of doing nothing, being anchored out in turquoise water. So what are we doing out on Cantare, all by our selves in paradise? I'll try to give you a glimpse of our acts out here. First of all, doing nothing is not true, all days have a few routines. The day starts with long sleep (until you wake up probably around 10 am), after breakfast in sunshine it's about time to get the sun lotion-session, which mainly means me, deckhand Cecilia. Although I think the other to brownies onboard should put on as much spf 50 as I do, to even out the colours here. Me and first mate Sofia have also extended this session by giving each other a nice back massage..!

The day is mainly spent on deck, tanning, reading, girl talking, having Spanish lessons, more tanning, discussing the future, and off course several nice swims. In between that, my mission is to stress Maria and Sofia to get some stuff done, that have been on manana for too long. Life here somehow gets you on permanent manana-mode!

The evening routine starts with a glass of more or less warm wine (our fridge is broken) watching the sunset. Then one of us starts with the cooking and dinner is enjoyed in the cockpit. Every day has one big question to be answered what should we eat? Having no fridge and too much time definitely makes you focus a lot on food, I don't know why. But we have managed to get great meals every day, mainly something including canned tomatoes and garlic. Maria even made us nice 5-minute caramel for dessert (thanks to the tip one of our readers gave us).

Just about 500 meters from us there is a nice tiny island were I thought we could play Expedition Robinson for a few days, but it turned out to be crowded with people during daytime. So today we decided to make some action and do like the French-Guadeloupe people do here go picnicking. We made a pasta salad of what we could find onboard, (pasta, tuna, tomatoes, corn and cucumber) and brought it on the dinghy, with wine and cookies. After a great snorkeling trip in the reef nearby, we had the best pick nick ever out on the little island called Il Caret.

Being not as used to the quiet life onboard I sometimes get a bit restless and therefore I made sure to get rid of some extra energy, - by getting me and Sofia some training. A few coralls out in the sand and we could do the so called training
"Idioten", followed by a run around the island (tiny), we then wheeled around the beach like kids. Maria just shook her head and laughed while doing it like sailors do reading yet another good book.

Tomorrow night we leave and are going to sail during night up to Antigua were will pick up our next guest, Ariana.
/Deckhand Cecilia

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why dont you get the friged fix, it cant be that dificult, of course it depen on whats wrong with it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    however you are financing the sail, it seems there would be some $ left to fix a fridge?

  3. the captain Says:

    yes we bought a new one again, second one! this one seems to work for the moment